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Clemco Equipment Helps Restore Log Homes in the North Cascades
Sandblasting Machines on Jul 26th 2021

Owner of Mtn Acres Log Home Restoration raves about his Clemco equipment. He and his crew restore lo…
Supa Blast Hose
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Clemco Blast Hoses have a new Look and Improvements
Sandblasting Machines on May 3rd 2021

SupaTMand 2-Braid Blast Hose now have the same outer black cover at 4-Ply Hose, making them more dur…
Blast Hose
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How can I control Static Elctricity?
Sandblasting Machines on Oct 28th 2019

Shocking NewsStatic-Buildup Dangers and SolutionsThough more noticeable during dryer w…
Blast Hose