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Newsletter | August 2022
Sandblasting Machines on Aug 11th 2022

Off the Shelf In another edition of Sandblasting Machines' Off The Shelf se
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Newsletter | July 2022
Sandblasting Machines on Jul 25th 2022

Off the Shelf John returns with another edition of Off the Shelf, this time
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Newsletter | June 2022
Sandblasting Machines on Jun 9th 2022

John is back with another off the shelf! This time he discusses the Clemco Pool Pal
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Newsletter | May 2022
Sandblasting Machines on May 6th 2022

As its name suggests, the Clemco Pool Pal is the ideal high production tool for cleaning
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Newsletter | April 2022
Sandblasting Machines on Apr 8th 2022

Clemco One & 1/2 Inch Piston inlet Valve Service Kit Watch Video Here
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Newsletter | March 2022
Sandblasting Machines on Mar 4th 2022

Clemco One Inch Piston Outlet Valve Service Kit Watch Video Here
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Newsletter | February 2022
Sandblasting Machines on Feb 4th 2022

Clemco Replacement Web Suspension For the Apollo 20 & Apollo 60 Air Respirator
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Newsletter | December 2021
Sandblasting Machines on Dec 7th 2021

Watch the Video Here Buy Now
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Newsletter | November 2021
Sandblasting Machines on Nov 1st 2021

Due to the rising cost of steel, Clemco Industries has announced price increases that will take effe…
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Newsletter | October 2021
Sandblasting Machines on Oct 5th 2021

What size air hose do you need for your blast machine? Check out our blog…
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Newsletter | September 2021
Sandblasting Machines on Sep 1st 2021

The Effects of Moisture on Sandblasting Warmer weather can mean increased…
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Newsletter | July 2021
Sandblasting Machines on Jul 30th 2021

Clemco Equipment Helps Restore Log Homes in the North Cascades Owner of Mtn Acres Log H…
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Newsletter | June 2021
Sandblasting Machines on Jun 29th 2021

Have you ever wondered just how strong Clemco's 4 Ply blast hose actually is? Yes, it is widely used…
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Newsletter | May 2021
Sandblasting Machines on Jun 4th 2021

The name says it all. The Clemco Wetblast Flex's unique design allow it to be both a wet and dry bla…
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Newsletter | April 2021
Sandblasting Machines on May 4th 2021

WetBlast Flex Nearly Triples Productivity for Paint Stripping Hydrants Re…
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Newsletter | March 2021
Sandblasting Machines on Apr 13th 2021

Helping customers identify the proper size machine to handle the job at hand is something we do dail…
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Newsletter | February 2021
Sandblasting Machines on Mar 10th 2021

An often overlooked piece of the buying process is the compressor. The compressor is especially impo…
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Newsletter | January 2021
Sandblasting Machines on Feb 3rd 2021

As temperature's continue to drop, operator productivity doesn't have to suffer. When equipped with …
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Newsletter | November 2020
Sandblasting Machines on Dec 10th 2020

Graffitti Removal Is it art or vandalism? Most would view it as vandalism and we have t…
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Newsletter | October 2020
Sandblasting Machines on Nov 5th 2020

Comfort Vest with CCT $366.66 Buy Now
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Newsletter | September 2020
Sandblasting Machines on Oct 5th 2020

What size compressor do you need? Check out our new Interactive Air Consumption Tool to get your an…
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Newsletter | August 2020
Sandblasting Machines on Aug 31st 2020

Thinking about upgrading your blast system? Now is the time! Read Rebate …
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Newsletter | July 2020
Sandblasting Machines on Jul 31st 2020

CMS-4 Carbon Monoxide Monitor is back in Stock! Shop Now
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Newsletter | June 2020
Sandblasting Machines on Jun 30th 2020

Our Most Popular Turn Key Package The Clemco Classic Blast Machine Model 1648 has been …
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Newsletter | May 2020
Sandblasting Machines on May 31st 2020

Pool Pal Shop Pool Pal Package
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Newsletter | March 2020
Sandblasting Machines on Apr 1st 2020

Blast Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic Clemco’s Director of Product Safety Explains How By Th…
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Newsletter | February 2020
Sandblasting Machines on Mar 3rd 2020

Watch this step by step video with John to learn how to install the RLX Control Handle Service Kit o…
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Newsletter | November 2019
Sandblasting Machines on Feb 3rd 2020

Know Your Nozzles: Blast Nozzle Materials Read More
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Newsletter | October 2019
Sandblasting Machines on Nov 6th 2019

Wetblasting Does Not Eliminate Inhalation Hazards Read More
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Newsletter | September 2019
Sandblasting Machines on Sep 30th 2019

The Clemco Pool Pal is a field-portable, 1 CUFT blast machine specially designed for lightweight med…
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Newsletter | Aug 2019
Sandblasting Machines on Aug 29th 2019

Due to the increased demand and production time on Clemco's made-to-order blast machines, we've incr…
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Newsletter | July 2019
Sandblasting Machines on Jul 30th 2019

The 4-inch rubber pop-up valve seat is used in several Clemco Model Blast Machines and WetBlast Flex…
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Newsletter | June 2019
Sandblasting Machines on Jul 1st 2019

Blast machines are pneumatic devices that work under pressure. In order to pressurize your machine, …
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Newsletter | May 2019
Sandblasting Machines on May 30th 2019

If you use your blast machine in the summer, the warm air can lead to moisture problems. Humidity ca…
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Newsletter | April 2019
Sandblasting Machines on Apr 30th 2019

Did you know that all the information you need can be found directly on the product pages on our web…
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Newsletter | March 2019
Sandblasting Machines on Mar 28th 2019

Did you know you can easily identify your Clemco blast hose by its color? To learn more about the di…
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Newsletter | February 2019
Sandblasting Machines on Feb 28th 2019

The Clemco RLX Control Handle is for the activation/deactivation of your blast machine. Learn more a…
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