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4 Ply Hose

For job-site applications where external scuffing and occasional light vehicle traffic is anticipated, the 4-ply blast hose is Clemco’s most durable option. 4-ply hoses are widely used in heavy industrial settings—such as rail yards and shipyards—because of their superior durability in withstanding on-site wear and tear. 4-ply hoses are also the only hose option that can withstand the weight of light vehicle traffic without collapsing.

The Clemco 4-ply hose has an outer casing with the highest level of durability, when compared to the Supa and 2-ply hoses. Four layers of cloth and rubber-impregnated fiber winding insure hose strength and resiliency to common worksite abrasions. A pin-pricked outer casing prevents the formation of air pockets between the layers. The inner tube is composed of ¼-inch thick SBR rubber treated with a static-dissipating compound.

Clemco 4-ply blast hoses may be used with all common blast media and are rated at up to 175 psi working pressure. They also accept properly sized blast couplings and nozzle holders. The coupled hose can attach to any blast machine fitted with quick coupling connections.

For application necessitating the use of Clemco 4 ply blast hoses, due to their durability, a 10 to 15-foot Clemco Supa hose can be connected to the last section before the nozzle as a whip hose.

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