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The professionals at are always working to inform and entertain you, and that has expanded into PSC’s Red Brick Studio.

Our creative professionals blog on industry-related content of the highest quality and we’re bringing that to a new platform: videos. Our experts are reviewing products and teaching you how to do something, all while showing you a new side of sandblasting.

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Site Information

If you’re looking for something, it’s more than likely that we have it here.

Our website is designed with you in mind. We worked meticulously to design a website that provides you with options and detailed descriptions so you can choose the right products for your needs. 

Here, we let you in on what we’re all about here at our online store. Check back for updates (or subscribe to our email list, here) to stay informed and entertained. 

Product Information distributes brand name, high quality abrasive blasting equipment. We are known for our innovative approach to the e-commerce distribution of abrasive blasting equipment and OEM replacement parts.

Along with our product and category page descriptions, we have added videos to go along with our products and our mission to provide you with an informative experience. We are consistently filming videos in-house with our industry experts and uploading new videos on a weekly basis.

If you don’t see what you need, just stay tuned for future videos!

How To's and Tutorials

We’ve said it before: we work with trained, seasoned professionals here at Below, you’ll find videos of them talking about various aspects of sandblasting.

John and Joe are here to fill you in on how to get the job done right. If you have any requests on video topics, we’d love to hear from you! 

Will it Blast?

Watch Joe and John as they sandblast different items! Click the button below to view all of our Will It Blast videos!