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Pot Covers and Screens

Protecting your sandblasting machine is an important step in ensuring the durability and productivity of your machine, which is why we recommend always covering your blast machine when not in use. Our Clemco blast machine screens and covers help keep contaminants from entering the blast machine. Moisture interferes with most blast media and can cause blockages in the blast machine valves and plumbing. Clemco’s heavy poly bag cover fits over the entire blast machine to protect the vessel from the weather.

The recessed steel screen fits into the concave head of the blast machine. Abrasive is poured onto the screen, which keep out particles larger than ¼-inch diameter to prevent debris from entering the machine. The steel cover is optional but highly recommended to keep rain out of the blast machine. Steel covers fit on top of the blast machine with or without the use of the recessed screen.

Clemco’s steel screens and covers range in sizes from 10” to 24” diameter, depending on the size of your blast machine.

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