How can I control Static Elctricity?

By on Oct 28th 2019

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Static-Buildup Dangers and Solutions

Though more noticeable during dryer winter months, static buildup occurs in blasting operations throughout the year. If left unchecked in a blast cabinet or room, static buildup may cause media to cling to walls, hang up in recovery hoses, and even cling to itself. These conditions all lead to media flow and separation problems.

However, of greatest concern is that static buildup must be continuously dissipated to prevent an accumulation of an electrostatic charge that can result in a spark. These sparks can be a nuisance for unlucky operators who get shocked, but they also can injure operators and even cause a fire or an explosion.

Grounding blast machines and cabinets, operators, and parts to be blasted is the most effective way to control static buildup. Using static-dissipating equipment, such as Clemco blast hose, also helps mitigate the risks of static buildup. Clemco Supa, 2-Braid, and 4-Ply Blast Hose are manufactured with an inner-tube wall of SBR rubber that is treated with static-dissipating compound.

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