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Clemco Discontinued Items

Posted by John Gula on Feb 5th 2020

Clemco Industries has announced the discontinuation of certain items from their product offering. Some of the items we’d like to point out to customers are the items …
Newsletter | January 2020

Newsletter | January 2020

Posted by Sandblasting Machines on Feb 3rd 2020

In this Off the Shelf, we pulled out an RLX Pneumatic Remote control service kit. Take a closer look at this product …

Know Your Nozzles: Blast Nozzle Materials

Posted by Clemco Industries November E-Update on Dec 13th 2019

Know Your Nozzles: Blast Nozzle MaterialsUnderstand the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Materials Used to Make Blast NozzlesCast Iron NozzlesRarely used today. They wear out after 6 to 8 hours …