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Do I need a blast suit while sandblasting?

Posted by Noah Loser on

Sandblasting is, for the most part, safe—unless you are not properly equipped. When you do not wear the proper sandblasting attire, you are directly putting yourself in harm’s way. According to OSHA, potential injuries of sandblasting include particles becoming embedded in the skin, eye damage, severe cuts, burns, or loss of body parts. Therefore, it is not wise to operate a blast machine without a blast suit equipped to protect against the sharp and abrasive particles.

What does a blast suit do?

When sandblasting, it is important to wear the right equipment. Besides a  respirator, you will also need a blast suit. The blast suit will protect you from abrasive particles hitting you at hazardous speeds. Some of these particles can ricochet back at you so hard that they will go through your jean jacket and pants causing the particles to impale your skin. So, investing in a sandblasting suit is well worth your money.

Which sandblasting suit should you invest in?

We offer two types of blast suits that will protect you no matter your working conditions. Choose from either the  lightweight blast suit or the heavy-duty blast suit. Both suits are made by Clemco, an industry leader when it comes to sandblasting.

Lightweight Blast Suit

The Clemco lightweight blast suit is a perfect option for the warmer months, whether you’re blasting outside or inside. The lightweight option is constructed from a super durable and breathable nylon and cotton blend. Because This suit is constructed of nylon and cotton, it is machine washable. It's available in a wide selection of sizes, from small to 4XL, to ensure the most custom fit.

Heavy Duty Blast Suit

The Clemco heavy-duty suit is a great option if you are blasting with extremely dense fragments, blasting at high speeds, or just want extra protection. It’s also a warmer option than the lightweight suit. 

This heavy duty-suit has rugged leather panels on the arms and legs to provide additional protection to those body parts closest to the work area. They also have a durable cotton back to provide maximum ventilation and air circulation, keeping you comfortable year-round. The sizing of this vest ranges from small to 3XL to offer the most custom fit.


If you are looking for more temperature control in these suits, take a look at the Clemco comfort vest. When used with the CCT, this lightweight vest can keep you warmer in the cool months and cooler in the warm months so temperature never has to slow you down! 

Another important item for sandblasting is a good pair of gloves. These leather blast gloves will protect your hands from rebounding abrasive.   

Another cool item we offer is our one-of-a-kind t-shirts. They are lightweight, breathable, and sure to make your friends chuckle. They are also perfect to wear underneath your blast suit.

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