Clemco Blast Hoses have a new Look and Improvements

By on May 3rd 2021

Banner: Back in Black: Upgraded Blast Hose Have New Look and Improvements

  • SupaTMand 2-Braid Blast Hose now have the same outer black cover at 4-Ply Hose, making them more durable.

  • All three hoses have new lay lines.

Three Major Quality Upgrades

In May 2021, Clemco rolled out its upgraded line of blast hose. Supa and 2-Braid Hose now have the same outer black cover as Clemco’s 4-Ply Hose. The new covers provide three major benefits:

1.They have more than double the abrasion resistance of the old covers, which makes Supa and 2-Braid Hose more durable.
Supa and 2-Braid Hose now can better withstand wear and scuffing caused from being dragged around a job site, but they
are still lighter and more flexible than sturdier 4-Ply Hose.

2.The new black covers have higher ultraviolet-light resistance, so their color does not fade like a colored cover would.
Previously, Supa Hose had a brown outer cover and 2-Braid Hose a green outer cover. With their new black covers, Supa
and 2-Braid maintain their out-of-factory look while they are stored in stockroom inventory or displayed on showroom

3.The new outer covers are manufactured with antistatic compounds that add an additional level of antistatic protection to
Supa and 2-Braid Hose static-dissipating, inner-tube walls.

Blast Hose ImageClemco 4-Ply, 2-Braid and Supa Blast Hose

New Laylines

So that it will be easy to distinguish among the three black hoses if they are at the same job site, all three hoses have new, differently colored laylines printed along their sides.

Same Manufacturer, Same Quality

The same manufacturer that for years has supplied Clemco blast hose is supplying the new hose, so the quality remains unchanged.

Learn More: Blast Hose will will be working through it's inventory and updating to the new blast hoses as inventory is 

depleted through May 2021. Images and descriptions will be updated as well.

See which of Clemco’s three types of blast hose are right for your worksite:

4-Ply Blast Hose

2-Braid Blast Hose

Supa Blast Hose

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