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Electronic Remote Systems

Electric remote controls are required when the nozzle is farther than 100 feet from the sandblast machine due to the possibility of pressure loss and delay with pneumatic remote controls. Electric remote controls are also often preferred in cold weather when moisture in the air supply of pneumatic systems may freeze and cause remote control failure.

Electric remote systems contain all the necessary components for a complete system, including inlet valve, outlet valve, electric RLX control handle, electric control cable, abrasive trap, control panel, and all required hoses and fittings. An anti-freeze injector is standard on electric remote control systems.

Electronic RLX handles are available in 120v AC and 12v DC and either pressure-release or pressure hold styles. Pressure-release remotes pressurize/depressurize machine by pressing/releasing the handle while pressure-hold remotes keep the blast machine under pressure for frequent starts and stops. Although electric remote controls do not utilize twinline hose, electric 100/300 remote controls operate pneumatically by regulating the control-air to pressurize/depressurize the blast machine.

For just the electric RLX handle, go here.

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