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Electric Control Panels

Electric control panels are part of the electric remote control system. The RLX handle connects to the control box through a control cable. From this control panel, an electrical current is sent through the control cord to a switch mounted under the control handle lever.

The magnetic valve converts the electric signal into a pneumatic signal. When the control handle is pressed, the switch engages air to pass through the control panel to activate the pneumatic remote controls, which initiates blasting. When the lever is released, it automatically disengages the control box.

Clemco’s electric control panels, with ACS, are available in 12-volt and 120-volt to correspond with your given remote control system. They are also available for both single operator and dual operator models, allowing two operators to use the same blast pot.

Even if one operator lets go of their remote control handle and activates ACS, the blast pot will remain pressurizes and the second operator’s blasting is not interrupted.

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