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Classic Blast Pot Parts

Maintaining a quality machine requires continual upkeep with equal quality parts. Due to the natural wear the machine and its parts undergo during the sandblasting process, certain parts will need to be replaced overtime. When and how often depend upon a number of individual factors, including how often the machine is being used, what types of abrasives are being used, and the level of care to which all aspects of the sandblasting machine are treated.

All Clemco blast machines are built tough and practical: wear parts that will need to be replaced more frequently than others are positioned for quick replacement, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Choosing the correct replacement parts for your Clemco classic blast machine is important in maintaining the reliability of the machine, which is why you can search for compatible pot parts via your machine’s model number.  

Are you looking for a complete, packaged system? Find industry-standard Blast Packages on with both high-pressure and low-pressure respirators.

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