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RLX Control Handles

Clemco RLX control handles are for the remote activation and deactivation of a sandblasting machine and are part of a Remote Control System in compliance with OSHA regulations. These handles are fail-to-safe systems designed to stop blasting if the operator drops or loses control of the handle.

We carry both pneumatic and electric RLX handles. Pneumatic control handles operate efficiently with up to 100 ft of twinline control hose. These systems are simply designed and easy to service. Pneumatic RLX handles require twinline remote control hose and a blast machine fitted with proper Clemco remote control valves fitted for operation (neither included with handle). Electric remotes operate with fast response up to 500 feet and require electric cord, properly-fitted remote control valves, and a power source (which are not included with handle).

Pressing the remote handle activates the remote control system and starts blasting and releasing the handle stops blasting. The pneumatic handle utilizes twinline hose and operates on a return air principle. Electric remotes use a cord and micro-switch in place of twinline hose. They operate on either 12-volt DC or 120-volt AC, but the power handle is always 12-v.

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