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Blast Hose Safety Cables

Safety is key in the the operation of sandblasting equipment. Because the hose/coupling interface undergoes a high level of stress during the blasting process, safety cables are important in maintaining onsite safety.

Blast hose safety cables are used at all coupled connections on the blast hose for a variety of reasons. Not only do they support the weight of the blast hose to keep it from pulling coupling apart or pulling the hose out of the coupling, but the safety cables also help prevent the hose from whipping in the event of a coupling failure. Using safety cables will help prolong the life of your hose when run vertically or across horizontal spans.

Clemco blast hose safety cables install quickly without the use of tools. We offer 3 sizes of safety cable to ensure the best fit for our entire range of Clemco blast hose, including Supa, 2-braid, and 4-ply blast hose.

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