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Supa Hose

Supa hoses are the lightest, most flexible options when it comes to choosing a blast hose. As with all Clemco blast hoses, the Supa hose contains an inner tube of SBR rubber treated with a static-dissipating compound. The outer casing is reinforced cloth and rubber-impregnated fiber winding that is pinpricked to prevent the formation of air pockets between the layers.

The lightness of this blast hose is achieved by its slightly thinner outer casing when compared to both the 2-braid and 4-ply hoses. Don’t mistake its lighter weight construction for weakness, however; because of its lightness, flexibility, and smaller outer dimension (OD), Supa hose makes an excellent whip hose. A whip hose is much easier for the operator to maneuver during blasting.

Choosing the appropriately sized blast hose is important. When choosing a Supa blast hose, the inner diameter (ID) of the blast hose should be 3- to 4-times the size of the nozzle orifice and the same size as the nozzle entry diameter.

Clemco Supa blast hoses are standard equipment on all Contractor Series Blast Machines and are designed to fit Clemco couplings and nozzle holders. Supa hoses may be used with all common types of blast media and are rated at 175 psi working pressure.

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