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Compressed Air Filters

When air is compressed, both water and oil always manage to make their presence known. For the sake of your blast machine, this isn’t a good thing.

Keeping the elements of a blast machine dry is vital in the maintenance of the overall function of a sandblasting machine. If water or moisture enters the blast machine, it can humidify the blast media, causing it to flow inconsistently or not flow at all. Water or oil that reaches the surface being blasted can also interfere with coating adhesion. 

To avoid any potential setbacks caused by moisture in the machine, we recommend using a compressed air filter as a preventative. We offer both conventional moisture separators which attach to the inlet valve to prevent moisture from entering the machine as well as Coalescent filters.Clemco’s Coalescent compressed air filters connect between the compressor and the particulate air filter leading to the blast machine inlet and removes moisture from the compressed air line.

Moisture should be periodically drained from any air filter used with a sandblast machine.

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