Contractor Thread Clemco Wetblast FLEX 2448 Base Unit

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1,500.00 LBS

Clemco Part #28434

Standard Wetblast FLEX systems have an operational pressure range from 50 to 120 psi. This base unit with contractor thread is for blast machine operators who already own coupled blast hoses (minimum 1” ID), nozzles, and operator safety equipment. This Wetblast base unit system should correspond to the threading you intend to use.

Base units have two injector assemblies: one located at the metering valve and an alternate located at the nozzle. You can install either, depending on where you wish to locate the operator controls for water flow and abrasive on/off switch.

What’s included with this FLEX Base Unit (contractor thread):

  • Model 2448 6 cuft capacity blast machine (1-1/4” piping)
  • Millennium Inlet Valve
  • TLR Outlet Valve
  • RLX control handle with ACS
  • 52’ twinline hose
  • 52’ ACS hose
  • AQV AutoQuantum Metering Valve
  • Contractor thread 50 mm x 1-1/4” entry Pipe Injector Assembly with 52’ water hose
  • 120-gallon capacity water storage tank
  • 24” diameter screen
  • 24” diameter cover
  • 1-1/2” pressure regulator
  • 1-1/2” Air Filter
  • Safety cable
  • Contractor thread 50 mm x 1-1/4” entry Nozzle Injector Assembly


Note: to operate this FLEX base unit blast system, you will require blast hose, a nozzle, and operator safety equipment, including but not limited to respirator, blast suit, and gloves.  

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