Clemco Auto Quantum Grit Metering Valve
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Clemco Industries Corp.

18.00 LBS
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The Auto Quantum Valve (AQV) is used for pressure-hold systems and pressure-release systems with abrasive cut-off. The AQV is an easily-adjustable, pneumatically-operated, abrasive metering valve which maintains precise settings from fully closed to fully open. It can be used with expendable mineral and slag abrasives. It can be used with all common abrasives (including mineral, slag, or metallic) and requires approximately 80 psi to fully open the plunger.

The Quantum provides the benefit of allowing the operator to switch abrasives without needing to change metering valves. It comes standard on all Contractor Blast machines and can be used on classic machines with pressure-hold remotes (or ACS). ACS allows the operator to stop abrasive flow without depressurizing machine for clearing the blast hose and for blowing down the surfaces after blasting.

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Clemco Part #24447

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