Clemco Apollo 60 HP Supplied Air Respirator
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Clemco Industries Corp.

8.00 LBS

Clemco Apollo 60 has been discontinued and replaced by the Apollo 600

The high pressure (HP) Apollo 60 is a type CE, continuous-flow, supplied-air respirator helmet for use with compressed air systems. The double-shell, full-helmet is supported by an adjustable suspension with a chin strap to hold the helmet firmly in place during operation. A heavy, waist-length cape protects the head, neck, chest, and shoulders from rebounding abrasive media. The Apollo 60 features a wide, full-view window that provides a greater field of view than the Apollo 20. While a single fixed lens seals out dust and abrasive, up to five lightweight, disposable outer lenses can be used to protect the inner lens. 

This helmet can be purchased with one of the following air control valves:

  • Constant Flow Connector (CFC) provides fixed air flow (no adjustments are possible).
  • Air Control Valve (ACV) allows operator to adjust the flow rate of incoming air.
  • Clem-Cool Air Conditioner (CCAC) cools incoming air (no maintenance device with non-replaceable internal components).
  • Cool Air Tube (CAT) cools incoming air (like the CCAC but allows internal maintenance and part replacement).
  • Climate Control Tube (CCT) cools or warms incoming air as needed.


  • Lightweight
  • Nylon carrying strap
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Operator can wear supplementary hearing and primary eye protection


This helmet is NIOSH approved and meets OSHA standards for respiratory protection and noise limitations.

Note: A respirator hose is required but not included with this respirator and a CO monitor is recommended but not included with this helmet. 


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