Clemco Apollo 20 HP DLX Supplied-Air Respirator

Clemco Industries Corp.

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The high pressure (HP) Apollo 20 is a type CE supplied-air respirator helmet to be used with compressed air systems. The standard DLX comfort-fit suspension surrounds the operator’s head with comfortable padding while a chin strap holds the helmet in place. The Apollo 20 has a lightweight, full-helmet design with a heavy-duty cape to protect the head, neck, shoulders, and chest from rebounding media. Box-front window provides a clear field of view and features economical replaceable lenses. 

This helmet can be purchased with one of the following air control valves:

  • Constant Flow Connector (CFC) provides fixed air flow (no adjustments are possible).
  • Air Control Valve (ACV) allows operator to adjust the flow rate of incoming air.
  • Clem-Cool Air Conditioner (CCAC) cools incoming air (no maintenance device with non-replaceable internal components).
  • Climate Control Tube (CCT) cools or warms incoming air as needed.


  • Sound-attenuating, air-distribution channel
  • Lightweight
  • Molded-in carrying handle
  • Operator can wear supplementary hearing and primary eye protection

This helmet is NIOSH approved and meets OSHA standards for respiratory protection and noise limitations.

Note: A respirator hose is required but not included with this respirator and a CO monitor is recommended but not included with this helmet.

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