Clemco Model 2452 with TLR-100 Remote, MQV & 1 inch Piping
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Clemco Industries Corp.

This product is now known under a different name, please visit CLEMCO MODEL 2452 WITH TLR-300 REMOTE, MQV & 1-1/4 INCH PIPING to purchase.
480.00 LBS

This item is not available for purchase.Parts Listing Only

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Clemco Classic Blast Machine Model 2452 with TLR-100 Remote Controls, Manual Quantum Valve (MQV), Portable, 6 cuft - 600lbs., with 1 inch Piping.
The 6 cuft classic blast machine holds 6 cubic foot (approximately 600 lbs) of abrasive blast media. This portable blast machine has 1” piping and comes with a Manual Quantum Valve (MQV) and remote control system. Using a No. 6 (3/8-inch) blast nozzle will provide approximately 30 minutes of productive blasting at 100 psi.

Manual Quantum Valve

The MQV is an easily adjustable, manually operated, abrasive metering valve that can be used with all common blast media.

Remote Controls

The included TLR-300 remote controls are not equipped with an Automatic Cutoff Switch (ACS).


Note: when purchasing a blast machine separate from other accessories and materials necessary for blasting, keep in mind the compatibility of parts and the machine.

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