Clemco Model 2443 LoPot, w/TLR-300 Remote, 1-1/4 inch Piping
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Clemco Industries Corp.

490.00 LBS
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Clemco Classic Blast Machine Model 2443 LoPot, Portable, 6 cuft - 600lbs., 1-1/4 inch Piping
The 6 cuft classic blast machine holds 6 cubic foot (approximately 600 lbs.) of abrasive blast media. This Lo-Pot machine has 1-1/4” piping and is designed for ease in abrasive loading.It comes equipped with the TLR300 Pneumatic Remote Control system.  The Lo-Pot classic blast machine also has a Lo-Pot Valve (LPV).

Using a No. 6 (3/8-inch) blast nozzle will provide approximately 30 minutes of productive blasting at 100 psi.

Lo-Pot Valve

The LPV is a manually-operated, low profile valve for expendable mineral and slag abrasives.


Note: This is machine with TLR-300 Remotes and the Lo Pot Metering Valve.

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