Quincy QPNC-184 Compressed Non - Cycling Air Dryer
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143.00 LBS
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Quincy QPNC-184 non-cycling dryers use a two-stage heat exchanger system to maintain consistent dew points. Temperature of the compressed air is reduced to approximately 39 degrees F to condense moisture. Moisture is then removed from the system by an integrated moisture separator and zero loss drain. The dry condensed air is then reheated by warm incoming air and is then ready for delivery to downstream products.

Key Features & Benefits:
- Zero loss electronic drain for energy savings
- Integrated moisture separator
- Low pressure drop over dryer
- 10-Year Heat Exchanger Warranty
- Digital dew point display
- Environmentally safe refrigerant

Technical Information:
Connection Size:
1-1/2 inch NPT
39 Degree F
Maximum Pressure:
203 PSIG
Available Flow (Capacity):
184 CFM @ 100 PSIG
143 lbs
21.9 x 18.1 x 31.1 inches


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