Pulsar Plus VI Pressure Cabinet
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1,550.00 LBS
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Clemco Part #23984

Clemco's ZERO Brand Pulsar Plus VI Pressure Blast Cabinet with 600 CFM Reclaim is perfect for high-production applications, cleaning part 3-4 times faster than suction cabinets. They do require high volumes of air to maintain this production rate.


Powerful, Compact Blast Machine
• Pulsar Plus Pressure Cabinets are equipped with a 1-cuft blast machine that automatically refills from the reclaimer.
• The blast machine holds enough media to continuously blast up to 30 minutes.
• It meets ASME specifications for 125 psi maximum working pressure.
• Each blast machine is fitted with a large handhole for internal maintenance and a 35° conical bottom for smooth media flow.

Efficient and Flexible
• Pulsar Plus Pressure Cabinets come equipped with a No. 3 tungsten carbide blast nozzle and are compatible with up to No. 5 nozzles.
• An optional boron carbide nozzle handles more aggressive media.
• The metering valve’s urethane-coated plate enhances its capability to meter fine media.
• The 1” air filter is properly configured with each Pulsar Plus Pressure Cabinet to trap oil and water that can inhibit media flow and contaminate cleaned parts.


Space requirements depend on desired workflow. Allow
additional workspace for operator and maintenance needs.
Note: Pulsar Plus III-Pressure Cabinets come with a VI-P
power module.

Pulsar VI
• 71” width (1803 mm)
• 52” depth (1321 mm)
• 84” height (2134 mm)

Grate load limit on all models is 500 lbs.

Working Chamber

Pulsar VI
• 50” width (1270mm)
• 39” depth (991mm)
• 43” height (1092mm

Door Opening

Pulsar VI
A. 36.5” (927 mm)
B. 38” (965 mm)
C. 19.5” (495 mm)
D. 20.5” (521 mm)
E. 27” (686 mm)



300 CFM and 600 CFM
1 HP, 115V, 1 PH, 60 Hz
Note: Some installations
may require electrical
connection by a qualified

Window Size (safety glass)
• 19.5” width (495 mm)
• 12.5” height (318 mm)

Dust Collector Filtering Area
300 CFM (9.9 m2) • 600 CFM (18.1 m2)
Pulsar Plus Cabinets have a pleated dust filter with a
MERV-12 rating. For work environments with especially
toxic dust, order an optional HEPA filter. They trap 99.988%
of dust down to 0.3 micron particles.


Operation Manual
Cabinet Brochure