Filter, Coalescent, Hi-volume, 800 cfm
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Clemco Industries Corp.

106.00 LBS
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Clemco 23108 - Filter, Coalescent, Hi-volume, 800 cfm

Portable 800-cfm capacity Coalescent Filter removes water from the compressed air supply for multiple blast machines and other pneumatic tools requiring a dry, high-volume air supply. Two 6-inch wheels and a rigid handle allow one person to move the Coalescent Filter along a smooth, level surface. The filter has one outlet and a manual petcock to drain accumulated moisture.

The Coalescent Filter removes water, oil, and dirt particles down to 10 microns from the compressed-air supply. It is designed for use with portable and stationary compressors, and works in conjunction with a conventional particulate air filter installed at the blast machine inlet.

The Coalescent Filter requires at least 200 cfm of air flow at 50 psi to operate.


  • Costs less to purchase and less to operate than refrigerated or chemical drying systems, which may be required in more humid environments.
  • One Coalescent Filter serves mutiple blast machines or other pneumatic tools.
  • Simple, rugged design for in-plant or field use.
  • Cleaning is the only maintenance required.


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