CT Nozzle, for Hoses 1/2" ID x 1-3/16" OD
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Clemco Industries Corp.

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These CT-Nozzles have 3/4” mounting thread with a 1/2” entry and durable metal jacket with straight, barrel-shaped nozzles. The operator holds the nozzle 3 to 6 inches from the surface and moves it smoothly at a rate that produces the desired cleanliness. Each pass should overlap slightly. They have an expected life of approximately 300 hours and are for Model 1028 (0.5 cu.ft) and Model 1042 (1.0 cu.ft) blast machines, Pool Pal, pressure cabinets, SG-300 suction gun, and Sumer Comet.

These nozzles are lined with durable tungsten carbide and are for hoses with a 1/2” ID. A hose with a 1/2” ID requires a 1/2” entry nozzle paired with a nozzle holder to accommodate the 1 3/16” OD of the hose. Your purchase of this nozzle includes an NW-1 Washer.

These CT Nozzle are for use with hoses that have 1/2" inside diameter and 1-3/16" outside diameter.

These nozzles can be purchased in the following Clemco models:

  • Clemco CT-2 Nozzle with a 1/8” nozzle orifice
  • Clemco CT-3 Nozzle with a 3/16” nozzle orifice
  • Clemco CT-4 Nozzle with a 1/4” nozzle orifice
  • Clemco CT-5 Nozzle with a 5/16” nozzle orifice
  • Clemco CT-6 Nozzle with a 3/8” nozzle orifice
  • Clemco CT-8 Nozzle with a 1/2” nozzle orifice

NOTE: When your nozzle orifice goes up one size, or wears 1/16” past its original size, it’s time for a replacement.

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