Clemco TLR-100D Pneumatic Remote Controls with Diaphragm Outlet Valve
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Clemco Industries Corp.

25.00 LBS

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This TLR-100D pneumatic remote control is a pressure-release style pneumatic remote control system for blast machines with 1” piping. This TLR-100D remote control features a 1” diaphragm outlet valve, which works best when using fine or aggressive blast media, as well as an RLX control handle. It does not have an abrasive cut-off switch (ACS).

This remote includes:

  • 1” inlet valve
  • 1” diaphragm outlet valve
  • RLX control handle
  • 50ft coupled, twinline hose
  • An abrasive trap
  • All required fittings and hoses

This system provides the operator with start/stop control at the nozzle and allows the blast machine to depressurize, for refilling, each time the control handle is released.