Clemco SG-300 Portable Suction Blast Gun with Hopper
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Clemco Industries Corp.

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Clemco #02641 

The SG-300 Portable Suction Blast Gun with Hopper is an economical suction blast system designed for abrasive blasting where the air supply is limited, or where low pressure blasting is necessary to protect delicate parts or soft surfaces. 


• On-site glass & stone engraving 
• Small paint stripping jobs 
• Touch-up work after big jobs 
• Farms, welding & machine shops, and home hobbyists 
• Perfect for rental outlets 

The SG-300 uses compressed air and abrasive to quickly clean and etch metal, masonry, glass, and other durable surfaces. You select the abrasive type, blast pressure, and nozzle size you need to create intricate works of art or just make fast work of a rusted fender. The Clemco SG-300 comes standard with a CT-5 Nozzle, 5/16" orifice, and a 1/8" Air Jet.

If changing to a different nozzle you must purchase the appropriate air jet pairing shown in the chart below.



 Stock No. 02641


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