Clemco Sentinel Valve (with ACS)
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Clemco Industries Corp.

23.00 LBS
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The Sentinel Metering Valve (with ACS) is a pneumatically-operated abrasive media valve with an Automatic Cutoff Switch. This valve is well-suited for all common blast media coarser than 50 mesh. The sentinel is compatible on classic blast machines 2 cuft and larger equipped with a pressure release remote (either pneumatic or electric). This valve requires 50-70 PSI to fully open the plunger.  This abrasive metering valve has a 1-1/2" NPT connection to the pot.


The automatic cutoff switch allows the blast operator to stop the flow of abrasive without stopping the flow of air for clearing the blast hose and for blowing down the surfaces after blasting.


  • Metering and valve actuation are separate functions so wear and tear of the metering assembly can be replaced quickly and inexpensively in the field.
  • The fail-to-safe design automatically stops the flow of media if either air or electric power is interrupted.
  • Can be configured for pressure-hold or pressure-release blast machines. 
Types of Media Valves for Sandblasting


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