Clemco Power Gun H2O with cart, hopper & 16-ft hoses
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50.00 LBS
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Clemco #29335

The Clemco Power Gun H2O Portable Suction Blaster with Cart and Hopper is a convenient tool when a full scale wet blast system is more than you need. This option comes with 16 feet of air, media and water hoses.  Whether you are a contractor, do-it-yourselfer, or full-time blast operator, you’ll appreciate the Power Gun H 2O’s lightweight and compact design and that it has nearly the power of a small pressure-blast system, which makes it ideal for wetblasting:

• In small or confined spaces.

• In elevated work areas.

• In difficult to reach places.

• On board ships.

• With a limited air supply.

• In situations that require quick setup and breakdown .

The water and abrasive controls are located at the operator’s fingertips, and the knob at the back of the gun adjusts blast pressure. These features enable quick and easy switching between wet and dry blast modes, as well as washdown and air blow-off.


Requirements for Operation (Not Included):

• Clean, dry, compressed air of sufficient volume to maintain pressure in the gun. Air pressure depends upon the application and production rate. See the Air Consumption table below.

• Pressurized water from a water faucet or municipal water supply.

• An OSHA-required, NIOSH-approved, air-fed respirator for the operator.

• A common abrasive that is 12-mesh or finer. OSHA recommends using nonsilica abrasive.






Technical Data Sheet
Operation Manual