Clemco Millennium Inlet/Outlet Valve Assembly
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Clemco Industries Corp.

18.00 LBS
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The Millennium Inlet/Outlet valve is a two-part remote control valve that combines inlet and outlet functions for contractor style blast machines. It also includes an integral exhaust muffler.

The Millennium controls pressurization and depressurization of the blast machine so the operator can easily start and stop blasting using a remote control handle (which attaches to the blast hose near the nozzle). Pressing the remote handle pressurizes the blast machine while releasing the handle depressurizes the machine. Media stored in the concave head or in a hopper above the machine can flow in through the pop-up valve when the handle is released, automatically refilling the machine.


  • 1-1 /2-inch inlet port provides full unrestricted air flow 
  • Built-in muffler reduces depressurization noise 
  • Internal air connection between inlet and outlet allows for rapid pressurization, no external hoses to wear or replace
  • Fail safe system stops air and abrasive flow if air supply is interrupted or remote control handle is released
  • Easy to maintain in field with standard tools

Note: The Millennium requires a supply of clean, dry, air with a minimum pressure of 30 psi.


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