Clemco CMS Monitor Test Gas (Impurity Free)
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Clemco Industries Corp.

1.00 LBS
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Clemco #11132

Clemco's impurity-free test gas can be used with Clemco Carbon Monoxide Monitors to test instrument function.

This bottle of test gas contains approximately 34 mins of calibration time.

An Impurity-Free (zero contamination) Test should be conducted (using impurity-free gas) whenever the monitor stays in an alarm condition after it is returned to the operating mode.

This test allows you to know whether the alarm condition is due to either contaminated air or monitor malfunction. Using the proper test gas is important for successful calibration testing of your CO monitor. A monitor out of calibration may fail to alert the operator to toxic gases. 

Note: thoroughly review and understand calibration testing of your CO monitor before testing or calibrating your instrument. Information on calibration testing with test gas can be found in the operation manual of your CMS Carbon Monoxide Monitor.