CAP-4 Ambient Air Pump w/ Frame

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221.00 LBS
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The CAP-4 model Apollo Ambient Air Pump supplies oil-free air to low pressure (LP) type-CE supplied-air respirators using a compressed air powered motor. It can supply oil-free breathing air to up to 4 for NIOSH-approved continuous flow hoods or helmet-style respirators approved to operate with 8 cfm at 10 psi or less. The protective cage (frame) shields critical components from damage.  

The Ambient Air Pump must be placed outside the blast zone in a contaminant-free area to ensure it provides the operator with safe, clean air supply. Potential contaminants include fumes from paints and solvents, exhausts from vehicles and compressors, smoke from burn barrels, and dust from abrasive blasting or other construction activities.


  • Supplies air for up to 4 blast operators wearing type CE helmets or up to 6 operators wearing masks
  • Eliminates expense of additional breathing air compressor
  • Eliminates danger of carbon monoxide exposure related to compressor lubricant breakdown
  • Uses compressed air for power; works where no electric power is available
  • No temperature alarms or additional airline filters required
  • Works with Clemco’s CO Monitor Alarm
  • Easy to operate and maintain 

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