Sandblasting Applications: Graffiti Removal

Sandblasting Applications: Graffiti Removal

By on Aug 29th 2017

Growing up, I was always fascinated by the graffiti on trains.

It never bothered me to get stuck at a long train because it guaranteed for the viewing of some pretty impressive artwork. That, of course, changed as soon as I got my license, but I still find it a calming to watch as it passes by.

No matter how slowly.

However, graffiti isn’t always… appropriate. Sometimes it’s downright vulgar, and other times it’s just not wanted. Many businesses face the challenge of removing graffiti from their building, and it can certainly be frustrating. Especially when the need to remove it is immediate.

One of the quickest ways to remove graffiti is through, you guessed it, sandblasting.

It can be tough removing paint from walls, some might think impossible—unless you paint over it. But sandblasting is here to prove the job is easier than you think.

Depending on the severity of the paint, you may have to use a more abrasive medium. But, typically, mineral or slag abrasives will do the trick. At, we offer a full line up of Clemco abrasive media blasters to help you get the job done. Check them out Here.

Here’s the process in action:

Notice that he is wearing proper safety gear!

Sandblasting on Natural Surfaces

However, it’s not always cut-and-dry when it comes to removal. Take for instance the story of Casey Nocket, also known by her Instagram handle @creepytings.

Nocket vandalized natural rocks in seven national parks in the U.S., leading to her being banned from all national parks in the United States during a two-year probation period, $175 in fines, and  195 hours of community service (she completed 201 1/2). 

Perspective: she’s banned from 20% of the country.

She posted photos on her Instagram page, which led to discovering who committed the vandalism much easier. Many followers were outraged and became vocal as well. In one of her posts, Nocket declared:

“It’s art, not vandalism. I’m an artist.”

Still, a petition was signed by over 10,000 people demanding her prosecution. She pled guilty and was sentenced to 195 hours of community service, two years of probation, and a ban from entering national parks during those two months.

Using sandblasting to remove the "art" from some of the surfaces would have caused damage, so couldn't be done. Other means had to be used, including low-pressure hot water and gentile scraping with plastic spatulas.

What's to Learn?

Not all surfaces can stand up to sandblasting, as it is a harsh form of cleaning. But on the right surface, with the right medium and protective gear, sandblasting is here to restore any surface to its original glory.


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