Clemco CSD-7 Nozzle, 1" Entry with 1-1/4" Thread

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2.00 LBS

The Clemco CSD-7 Nozzle is 7/16" Orifice and has 1-1/4" standard thread with a 1” entry and metal jacket. It is a long-venturi nozzle capable of high-production blasting at a distance of 18-26 inches. It has an expected life of approximately 300 hours.

The nozzle is lined with durable tungsten carbide and are for hoses with a 1” ID. A hose with a 1” ID requires a 1” entry or 1-1/4" entry nozzle paired with a nozzle holder to accommodate the OD of the hose. Your purchase of this nozzle includes an NW-4 Washer.

NOTE: When your nozzle orifice goes up one size, or wears 1/16” past its original size, it’s time for a replacement.

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